Kitten Dies Due to Animal Abuse

I know that you kind humans would never abuse an animal. Sadly, there are too many humans who would. One poor feline in Johnson City, New York suffered greatly before he left us. Sadly, the white coated humans, who were going to perform surgery on him to save his life, never got the chance.

Tiny Feline Lauren Died as a Result of Animal Abuse
Tiny Feline Lauren Died as a Result of Animal Abuse

Lauren was a three month old feline who arrived at Every Dog’s Dream animal rescue a few days ago. He was found outside of a home. After noticing that Lauren was not doing well, a kind human took him to the animal rescue facility.

After Lauren arrived at the animal rescue facility, humans in white coats examined him. They found he had intestinal parasites, fleas, and fractures among other conditions. Lauren was also suffering from severe wounds on his ears and legs. These showed he had been a victim of animal abuse. The white coated human who examined Lauren said his wounds were too symmetrical to have been caused naturally.

The humans in white coats at Dickin Memorial Animal Hospital wanted to help Lauren. They prepared to give him the surgery he needed and had kind humans contribute green paper things to cover the costs.

Sadly, Lauren succumbed to his injuries before surgery could take place. “He was worse off than we thought,” said the white coated human who wanted to help this victim of animal abuse.

The white coated humans hoped to adopt out Lauren after the surgery, but this will sadly not happen now. They will use the green paper things that they obtained from the community to cover the costs of his care.

Furiends, Lauren’s story is a very sad one. This tiny feline did not get a chance to thrive because of the horrible animal abuse he endured. And there are countless other felines and canines who have stories just as sad.

Please do your part to stop animal abuse! Call the humans with badges if you see it happening or if you suspect it.

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2 Replies to “Kitten Dies Due to Animal Abuse”

  1. OMG OMG OMG this is so terrible! Poor gorgeous Lauren! Why are people so heartless? Sweet Lauren RIP and play painfree up at Rainbow Bridge, may you never see your abuser up there, wait for me I will take care of you when it´s my time to pass! <3 <3 <3 Crying my eyes out! :'(

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