A Tiny Feline Needs a Special Home

One of my favorite furiends lives on the other side of the country from me. I have shared with you the story of Lucky, who was abused by an evil human. But because a kind human took him to Homeless Animals Rescue Team, he received the care he needed to recover. Now, he enjoys his life with many fur siblings and his humans.

Lucky told me about a feline named Tony, and I will share Tony’s story with you. Tony is only 11 weeks old, furiends. But in those 11 weeks, he has endured a lot. The cage scraped his nose when he was trapped. Tony does not like the scratch this caused. But that is nothing compared to what he has already endured.

Special Needs Cat Tony Needs a Home
Special Needs Cat Tony Needs a Home

Poor Tony has burn marks on his paws, which could potentially be a sign of animal abuse. In addition, Tony has a cleft palate, which means he may have to go to the humans in white coats for surgery. His nose is slightly deformed. His jaw was broken at one point, but it has healed. The harm he suffered means he may need dental surgery later.

All of this makes Tony a special needs cat. This feline has been through a lot in his eleven weeks, and he needs someone who will take good care of him.

Furiends, I can tell you that having a special needs cat like Tony in your home means that whoever adopts him from Anne Arundel County Animal Control will have to pay more attention to him than normal. But keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with Tony’s ability to love and be loved.

I hope that someone kind will hear about Tony and adopt this special needs cat. All this kind feline needs is a chance. If you can give him that chance, please contact Anne Arundel Animal Control. And if you cannot, please share his story so that someone can.

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