Blood Sugar Readings for October 23

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. Remember last week, when I told you I was concerned about my blood sugar levels and worried that they were getting close to a level where they would cause complications over the long term? This week, they were much better.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 224. That is down from the week before, when they averaged 239. And there is enough space between the 250 level we do not like to see. Both the human and I feel better about this weeks readings. They give us enough space from the level where bad things start to happen.

Now that I have told you about my blood sugar readings, I will tell you about something funny my brofur Koji did. The human drank a big bottle of one of those drinks that makes him even more clumsy. When that happens, sometimes, the human will sing funny songs.

Jacey and I have learned to tolerate this, but Koji was not in the mood to listen to the human sing funny songs. Right in the middle of one of the songs, Koji went over to the human and bit him!

I know that Jacey and I were grateful for this action by Koji. I think the neighbors were, too. They probably do not like to hear the human sing funny songs, either!

Jacey on the Shower Door
Jacey on the Shower Door

Koji and Jacey are also getting along better. Koji has learned to give Jacey lots of warning when he is coming near her. Usually, instead of getting so close that Jacey starts to growl, he will sit near enough to her that she knows he is there, but not so close that it bothers her.

He still gets too close to Jacey sometimes, and then she will yell at him. But when he does this, the human goes to get him to leave. The human will say “Koji, go” and he will walk out of Jacey’s safe spot.

I am hopeful this will continue, because that will be one less source of stress, which can elevate my blood sugar readings. We will see how it goes this week!

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