Very Tiny Feline Saved by Cat Rescue

I love to share stories about tiny felines who get rescued. And when I tell you about a tiny feline, usually it is a young cat, regardless of its size.

But today, I want to share with you the story of a truly tiny feline. Tiny Kittens is a cat rescue group that helps many felines in the Vancouver, British Columbia area. In addition to helping feral colonies, they signed up over 1,000 people to become advocates for spaying and neutering felines and over 700 people to help feral cats. So when they learned about a feral colony needing help, this cat rescue group rushed in.

Tiny Nano After Being Saved by the Cat Rescue Group Tiny Kittens
Tiny Nano After Being Saved by the Cat Rescue Group Tiny Kittens

However, even though these kind humans have saved many felines, they never saved a feline as tiny as the one I will tell you about. His name is Nano. And he is truly a tiny feline. He weighs just 146 grams, or 5.2 ounces. Furiends, Nano is a truly tiny feline!

Nano and the rest of his litter were five weeks old when Tiny Kittens came to help them. And while there are many cases of felines being the runt of the litter, his case was extreme. He is only about one quarter the size of his brofurs!

The cat rescue group rushed Nano to the humans in white coats after discovering him. They bathed him and treated him for anemia and fleas. Still, Tiny Kittens did not know if Nano was going to make it.

That did not stop Tiny Kittens from committing to making sure Nano received the care he needed. All of the kittens needed medical attention, but he needed more. And this cat rescue group gave it to him. He spent more time than his siblings did nursing with his mother so that he could get some extra noms.

The extra attention and care Nano received worked. He is doing much better now! Nano is much more energetic and eats regularly. And most importantly, Nano shows how grateful he is by showering the kind humans at Tiny Kittens with lots of affection.

Nano and His Siblings
Nano and His Siblings

Before they can be adopted, Nano and his siblings face more treatment from the humans in white coats. But they have already come a long way thanks to the efforts of a very dedicated cat rescue organization.

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