Photographer Saves Tiny Felines From Fire

We felines are agile and nimble creatures, who usually can take care of ourselves. But two tiny felines were not able to do this. They needed a kind and brave human to help them escape from a brush fire.

A photographer was working at a brush fire in North Dakota, taking pictures so that humans who were not there could see what was happening. He had been taking pictures for about five minutes when he heard some meowing.

This photographer worried that some felines may have been trapped by the fire and immediately investigated. Soon, he found two tiny felines. The fire had trapped one underneath its flames, and another feline was trapped nearby. The fire was so hot that this kind human was easily able to get to the tiny felines. He had to take off his coat to use as a shield, and then he rescued the trapped kittens. The first and most dangerous part of this cat rescue succeeded.

Pyro and Manni are Recovering at Cat's Cradle Cat Rescue
Pyro and Manni are Recovering at Cat’s Cradle

The photographer knew that the tiny felines needed help. He took them to Cat’s Cradle Shelter in Fargo, North Dakota. At this cat rescue, humans in white coats examined the two felines to see what help they needed. The fire had burned one of the tiny felines badly and the other one suffered from smoke inhalation.

The humans in white coats knew they could help these felines. They put bandages on the paws of the feline who was burned, and gave him the name Pyro. Manni, as the other feline has been named, did not require as much treatment. His recovery from smoke inhalation is going well.

As soon as these two tiny felines recover, the cat rescue group will adopt them out. Cats Cradle will not adopt them separately. It only makes sense that after enduring all they did together they stay together. And the kind human who saved these felines is considering adopting them. That, my furiends, would be a very happy ending to this cat rescue story!

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