Canine Saves Feline from Coyotes

You humans are often kind creatures, but sometimes, you do things that annoy me. You have a phrase “fighting like cats and dogs.” I do not like this phrase because even though we felines and canines sometimes do not get along, more often, we do. And one incident in Seminole, Florida shows this is true.

After being adopted from a cat rescue group, Kitty was enjoying her furever home and humans. A rescued pit bull named Jack joined her. He had to join her because his human was deployed overseas. At first, Kitty did not like having another four legged creature in the home. But she became good furiends with Jack after he saved her life.

Kitty was out in the yard when two coyotes grabbed her, wanting to nom on her. She was not able to escape, and the coyotes would have killed her if Jack did not step in. Kitty’s human came running out to help, but before she could, Jack took care of everything.

Jack immediately charged the coyotes to protect his feline furiend. And the coyotes dropped Kitty and ran away.

“I didn’t know he could run so fast,” said Kitty’s human. “He was on them so fast.”

Kitty visited the humans in white coats to make sure she was okay after the attack. The white coated humans diagnosed her with brain swelling and a broken tooth. She also could not walk right after the incident, but she will recover from it.

Jack Saved Kitty from Coyotes
Jack Saved Kitty from Coyotes

And Jack is not taking any chances. He insists on being close to his feline furiend and watching over her. Jack makes sure that no harm will come to his feline furiend.

Kitty’s human says that Jack is a hero, and I agree. I also think that you humans need to change that phrase “fighting like cats and dogs.” I am sure Jack and Kitty would agree with me!

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