Deaf and Blind Cat Finds Furever Home

A hoarding situation is a bad one for any feline. But if a feline is a deaf and blind one, it would be even worse! Imagine being in a home with 30 felines and not being able to see or hear. How would you get your noms? How would you know where the litter box is? And how would you manage to find your way around all the other felines?

Special Needs Cat Hank
Special Needs Cat Hank (via Instagram)

Somehow, Hank von Hankenstein, as this cat is known, managed to do this. And he was very grateful Liberty Humane Society in New Jersey rescued him from the hoarding situation.

The cat rescue group knew he had to go to the humans in white coats immediately. The white coated humans treated him for all the conditions he was suffering from. It took a while, but the cat rescue group worked with Hank until he was healthy.

Hank waited patiently, enjoying life at the cat rescue group. But he wanted a home of his own. And one day, the right humans came in to give him one.

These humans had to “learn to think like a deaf and blind cat.” They changed the layout of their home so that this special needs cat could find his way around.  And they were not sure how a blind and deaf cat would react when humans visited him for the first time.

But Hank showed that while a special needs cat requires extra attention and care, there is nothing wrong with their ability to love and enjoy life. Hank immediately started interacting with his human. And his human knew that they were going to adopt him.

When Hank went home, his humans had to make some changes. They cannot alter the layout of the home, because it confuses him. And when they come home, they cannot put their shoes or bags in areas where Hank does not expect them, because he will trip over them.

But this effort is well worth it, because this special needs cat has developed into a playful and fun feline.

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