Michigan Cat Rescue Helping Two Felines

Michigan Cat Rescue is a small cat rescue group. But their small size does not keep them from helping many felines. Today I want to tell you about two felines that came to Michigan Cat Rescue after cruel humans did not properly take care of them.

Tony is Being Helped by Michigan Cat Rescue
Tony is Being Helped by Michigan Cat Rescue

First, I want to tell you about Tony. After being abandoned on the street, this poor feline’s condition deteriorated. When he arrived at Michigan Cat Rescue, Tony was in bad shape. This feline is only five months old and he is very sick. He is going to have to fight hard if he is to have a chance to survive.

Michigan Cat Rescue wants to give this feline the chance to thrive. They are making sure he gets noms, even though he is not eating on his own. And they took him to the humans in white coats for a diagnosis.

Despite his weak condition, Tony purrs very loudly when he is pet. For the first time, Tony is experiencing the love that every feline deserves. I hope that Tony recovers soon. Then he will go to a furever home where he can get the love he deserves.

McDreamy is Being Helped by Michigan Cat Rescue
McDreamy is Being Helped by Michigan Cat Rescue

I also want to tell you about McDreamy. He was living in a home with a human who decided to dump him outside with the garbage. Poor McDreamy did not know what he did wrong. Fortunately for him, Michigan Cat Rescue took him in and he is in a foster home now.

McDreamy wants a safe home where he will be loved. He adjusted

well to life in his foster home, even though he is scared and confused right now. I hope that McDreamy will find that good home soon.

If you want to help Michigan Cat Rescue, you can give them green paper things. Or you can share their story so that others can.

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