December 4 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, kind humans. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I did, and I will tell you about what happened this weekend after I share my blood sugar readings with you.

Sadly, I do not have good news to share with you about my blood sugar readings this week. We had too many high readings. Many of them were above the level where complications will occur if they stay there for a long time.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 263. This is higher than last week, when they averaged 236. And more importantly, it is above 250. If my blood sugar levels remain above that level for a long time, complications from diabetes will likely occur.

Do not worry, kind humans. I am sure the human will look into changing things so that we can get my blood sugar levels under control. The human is not happy about this, but he will make it work. And I do not like it either, but I will tolerate it.

A Human Visitor Had Koji Like This
A Human Visitor Had Koji Like This

We had a visitor here this weekend. The human’s father came to visit, and he stayed with us. Koji got confused and worried at first. He thought our human was leaving, because that is often what happens when other humans stay in our home. But Koji was happy when our human did not leave!

I laughed at Koji, and told him that he worries too much about the human leaving. And I reminded him that when the human leaves, he always comes back.

The human’s father said that we get very excited when the human returns. We were quiet for most of the day, with only occasional spurts of activity. But when we heard the human’s footsteps and heard his key in the door, we perked right up!

Hopefully, the human will be able to figure out a way to get my blood sugar readings under control. Then, we will all be happy!

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