Humans in White Coats Attend Convention

Hello, furiends. You may remember that I went to the humans in white coats earlier this week. I did not like it very much. But I have good news to share with you. The white coated human called yesterday and talked to my human.

Do you remember how angry I was when they took my blood? Well, they did tests on the blood, and these tests indicated that I am doing well. The one test that did not come back as good as we would have liked was the one for fructosamine.

Fructosamine Levels For Cats
Fructosamine Levels For Cats

The white coated human told us that my fructosamine levels indicated fair control of my blood sugar levels. They recommended that we increase my insulin dose to 3.5 units, which the human agreed to do.

We will see if this helps get my blood sugar levels under better control. But I am glad that the annoying trip to the humans in white coats was useful for something. And the human is happy that even though my blood sugar levels are not as well controlled as he would like, I am still a healthy cat.

Why Aren’t They Wearing White Coats?

Speaking of humans in white coats, I learned that many of them are visiting from other places. They are attending a continuing education program at the San Diego Convention Center. And many of the humans in white coats went to The Cat Cafe on their breaks! There, they got a chance to see Jacey and the other felines.

Furiends, as much as the humans in white coats annoy me, they can be very smart. For example, one of the white coated humans saw Jacey’s ears and asked if she had ear mites at one point. The human was shocked that even though Jacey had ear mites back in the summer, they could still tell!

I am glad that these humans are getting their continuing education here in my city. I am also glad they are giving green paper things to the human so he can buy me noms!

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