Feline Reunited With Human After Two Months

When we felines go missing, if we do not turn up fairly quickly, it becomes more and more unlikely we will be reunited with our humans. You humans can help make the reunion possible by getting us microchipped.

Two humans are very grateful they were reunited with their feline after two months. These humans were driving with their feline and canine in the back of their car when they lost control of the vehicle during a rain storm. They “skidded off like [they] were in a skating rink.” After hitting another vehicle, these humans were knocked unconscious. Their car was “completely destroyed,” with the engine from their car ending up in a field.

The humans were badly injured. An ambulance arrived on the scene to take the humans to the hospital. Before they left, the humans asked about their canine and feline. The ambulance could not wait to find the pets, because the injuries were too severe. It took almost a month in intensive care for one of the humans to recover.

When these humans returned home, they quickly started looking for their four legged family members. The canine was quickly found. She had been cared for by a farmer nearby, and that reunion was not too difficult to complete.

But the feline, a nine year old named Rocky, proved to be more difficult. The humans took to social media to try to find her. It took a while, but they received an email from someone who said they had found Rocky.

Rocky Reunited With Her Humans
Rocky Reunited With Her Humans

“We knew it was Rocky,” the human said. “She’s got this little prolapsed tummy and we were just so chuffed.” Rocky and her humans were quickly reunited, and now she follows them around demanding attention. She wakes her humans up in the middle of the night, meowing very loudly.

But her humans “wouldn’t have it any different.”

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