December 18 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends! I will tell you about my blood sugar readings shortly. Did you know it is cold outside, furiends? I do not know how cold it gets where you live, but for us, it is very chilly. Yesterday, the human watered the plants on the balcony. Normally, this is a time for me and Koji to hop out there and enjoy the sun and outside air. Not this time!

Furiends, it was so cold that Koji, the human and I could see our own breath. Did you know that we felines have warmer bodies than you humans? The normal temperature for a human is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. For a feline, it is 103.5. But you humans have much bigger lungs, so we could see the human’s breath better.

So Cold I Want To Do This
So Cold I Want To Do This

We did not like the cold, and we also did not like that the shipment of blood sugar testing supplies was stolen from the front door of our apartment. A new one is on the way and we should have more readings soon. But we got enough for me to tell you about them.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 198. That is lower than the 221 we saw the week before. And it is much better than what we saw recently, when my blood sugar was at levels that cause complications over the long term.

The slightly higher insulin doses the white coated humans told we needed seem to have done the trick. My blood sugar levels have declined since we started dosing at the higher level. And that is good news!

I am hopeful that it will warm up outside so that Koji and I can work on our fur tans. And I also hope that my blood sugar levels stay under control. We will know once the testing supplies are replaced!

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  1. OMG did some stupid idiot steal your blood sugar testing supplies! That was really awfully mean! That could be life and death to you!!! Don´t stupid idiots understand that! Grrr wish I could get my paws on that idiot so I could teach him/her something! Hope you have new ones really soon! <3

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