A Bonded Pair of Special Needs Cats Need Home

Furiends, it can be difficult for a bonded pair of felines to find a home. Sometimes, humans like one member of the bonded pair but do not like the other. Other times, humans cannot have two felines in their home. And when the bonded pair is a pair of special needs cats, it can be even more difficult.

But my good furiend Lucky told me about a bonded pair of special needs cats, and I want to share their story with you. These two felines live near Lucky, close to where I used to live. Their story is a sad one.

You see, their human is losing their home. And they must move to a place where they are not allowed to have felines. They are very sad that they must give up their special needs cats, but they want to find a good home for these felines.

These Special Needs Cats Must Find a New Home
These Special Needs Cats Must Find a New Home

These felines are special needs cats because they have cerebellar hypoplasia. This condition is also known as wobbly kitty syndrome, because felines with this condition tend to wobble when they walk.

One of the brothers in this bonded pair is affected more severely. He does well, but he cannot walk well and overgrooms. The other brother does well, and he does not show as many signs of his condition.

After living in a small room at a rescue facility, these two special needs cats found a good home. Now, they need to find another where they can live together, because they do not do well apart.

Furiends, we have been successful at finding homes for other felines. Can we do it again? Let’s help Lucky find a home for these special needs cats. Are you the kind human who can give these two a home? If you are, please contact Lucky. And if you cannot, please share this story so that someone else can.

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