Batgirl’s Old Head Furiend Doing Better

It has been a while since I shared a story from Batgirl with you, furiends. She is a special needs cat just like me. But Batgirl’s journey was much more difficult than mine.  Even when I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat, I knew I would be okay because I had a human who would care for me.

Not Batgirl. She fended for herself on the streets of Philadelphia before being taken to a high kill shelter. They put her in a cage in the back of the room, and poor Batgirl could not see because of a severe eye infection. A kind human saw her and adopted her. And this human adopted her right before her time was up. This human cared for her through many challenges until Batgirl became strong and healthy. Now that she is healthy, Batgirl is a powerful advocate for felines.

Batgirl lives with many other felines, and recently, one of the older ones got sick. Batgirl refers to the older felines in her home as old heads. And Old Head Bob, as Batgirl calls her, was fighting some medical challenges. He had a very upset stomach. This made him not want to nom. Can you believe that, furiends? Not wanting to nom?

Batgirl worried about Old Head Bob, and asked her furiends to send him healing thoughts. Well, furiends, those healing thoughts worked! While Old Head Bob still has problems with his digestion, he is now nomming regularly. And that is very important. We felines cannot go for very long without nomming. If we do, we can develop a condition called hepatic lipidosis, which requires extensive treatment to recover from.

Old Head Bob Is Doing Better
Old Head Bob Is Doing Better

Fortunately for Old Head Bob, he started nomming before this became a concern. He still needs our healing thoughts, though. He needs to recover from whatever is causing digestive problems for him.

Please go to Batgirl’s page and send Old Head Bob healing thoughts. I am glad he is doing better, but I want my fellow special needs cat Batgirl to be able to enjoy the company of this cranky Old Head for a lot longer!

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