February 26 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. I have to tell you, I am getting tired of watery things falling from the sky. The human tells me that we are still in a drought, and so we need these. But it is quite annoying. Koji and I walked outside to go work on our fur tans, and instead, we ended up with wet paws. We did not like this, furiends!

Koji and I Are Spending Too Much Time Doing This Lately
Koji and I Are Spending Too Much Time Doing This Lately

The human was not happy about this, either, because our wet paws got all over the floor. But fortunately for him, we only walked over to where our noms were to go back to eating. He did not mind that too much, because the noms are close to the door for the balcony.

It made for an interesting morning around the home. And I will try to make your morning a little more interesting by telling you about my blood sugar readings for the week.

For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 161. That is pretty much the same as the 167 we saw the week before. And both of these levels are fine. We do not have to worry too much about me developing any complications from diabetes at this level. If the human and I can keep my blood sugar at these levels, we are hopeful the white coated humans will tell us my blood sugar is well managed.

The human made a slight modification to my insulin dosing. Now, when my blood sugar levels are below 100, he does not give me 3.5 units. Instead, he gives me three. He feels this will reduce the risk of my blood sugar levels dropping too low. And then we do not have to deal with the big spike when I do not get any insulin.

We are hopeful that this small change will have good results. I will tell you how it is working next week.

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