March 5 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. It has been an interesting week for sure. One day, it rained so much that the balcony actually had standing water, furiends! The human had to go out there with a broom and sweep the water into the drain.

It Rained So Much This Happened Near My Home
It Rained So Much This Happened Near My Home

Koji and I laughed at the human when he did this, because he got wet. He did not like it at all. We stayed nice and dry inside and observed him. It was very amusing.

Speaking of Koji, he is being his usual rambunctious self. But now, when he plays too roughly with me and does not stop, the human banishes him by putting him into a carrier for a few minutes and ignoring him.

The human does not like this, but he does not want to be too harsh on Koji. He knows that Koji is not intentionally trying to hurt me. Poor Koji just plays too rough!

I do not know if Koji’s rambunctiousness was to blame for my blood sugar readings increasing this week or not. But for the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 213. That is much higher than the 161 we saw last week.

That is still quite a way away from the levels where I will develop complications from diabetes. But the human does not like this, because we had things going very nicely for a while. He is hopeful that this is just a one week blip, and that we will see lower blood sugar levels next week.

I know that the human will work very hard to make sure my blood sugar readings stay well managed. And who knows, maybe Koji will stop annoying me and that will help. But whatever happens, I will let you know next week.

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