March 26 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. I will tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week in just a minute. Before I do that, I wanted to tell you about my sisfur Jacey and how she is doing. I talk to the human about her all the time, and he tells me she is doing well. She enjoys being at the human’s work, and she gets to spend the day with the human. If the human does not pay attention to her, she will complain and eventually he does.

She likes to sit by him when he is on the catputer, and sometimes, she will hop in his lap. There are other times after closing where she will hop on his stomach and curl up next to him. It reminds the human of how Jacey used to snuggle next to him when it was bed time.

A Very Relaxed and Happy Jacey
A Very Relaxed and Happy Jacey

Jacey is happy now, so the human does not think he will bring her back unless he has to. The poor girl had already been through a lot since Koji arrived, and he does not want to stress her out anymore. I miss seeing my sisfur, but as long as the human tells me she is okay, I will accept it.

I am glad we have good news about Jacey, but we do not have the same kind of news about my blood sugar readings. For the week, my blood sugar levels jumped. They averaged 290, which is way higher than the 195 we saw last week. And this is also above the level where complications from diabetes will develop if my blood sugar readings stay this high for a long time.

Not surprisingly, I had some digestive problems as well this week. That is one of the signs of diabetes getting out of control. But hopefully, the insulin I am getting will get things back under control fast.

I will let you know about my blood sugar readings next week. I hope to see them back at better levels!

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