Skimble Skypaws Finds The Right Human

Felines who live on the streets have tough lives. And if they are sick, their life is even more difficult. One feline named Skimble Skypaws had to go to many humans asking for help before he found the right one.

Skimble Skypaws had a bad infection, which made his nose look strange. He knew he needed help, so he went to many humans and meowed at them. Many of them felt bad for him, but they did not take him to the white coated humans.

Finally, a kind human saw him and decided that Skimble Skypaws needed help. He took the sick feline to the white coated humans. Skimble Skypaws got the help he needed to recover, and then he made his way to Milo’s Sanctuary.  “We don’t know how long Skimble wandered the streets like this and we couldn’t turn him away when we were asked to take him,” said one of the humans there.

Skimble Skypaws suffered from a cryptococcis infection. This fungal infection caused his nose to look very strange. The white coated humans started treating this infection immediately. Treatment takes a while before it starts to help. And in the meantime, this brave feline had another problem to contend with.

Poor Skimble Skypaws could not nom because the infection made his nose swell. That meant he had to endure a feeding tube. But he did not mind. According to Milo’s Sanctuary, “When it’s tube feeding time he climbs happily into his caretakers’ lap and purrs and makes biscuits the entire time.”

Skimble Skypaws After His Condition Was Treated
Skimble Skypaws After Treatment

It will take a long time for Skimble Skypaws to completely heal from his infection. His system will always have the fungus, so his disease may flare up. I understand how Skimble Skypaws feels, because that is how diabetes is for me.

But like me, despite his medical challenges, Skimble Skypaws can live a happy and fun life. He can do this because a kind human saw him and decided to help him instead of passing him by.

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