Reviewing A Home Like Humans Review Restaurants

I do not know if you have seen the recent Buzzfeed article on what it would be like if we felines reviewed the home like you humans review restaurants. But I saw it, and I thought it was quite amusing. They covered many rooms, but they did not cover all of them.

Koji and Me Relaxing on the Balcony
Koji and Me Relaxing on the Balcony

For example, they did not review the actual balcony! How could they not review this? This place is my favorite place in the home, and Jacey and Koji agree with me. We all give it five out of five stars. It is where we can go to work on our fur tans when the sun is out. And the human has put lots of plants in there for us to nom on.

The human made sure we would give the balcony a five star rating when he put catnip in! How could we not like a place where our favorite plant is growing?

That is why we all give the balcony an enthusiastic five stars!

They did get some things right. For example, the hamper is a place that Jacey and Koji like a lot, even though I do not. When the human cannot find Jacey or Koji, he looks in there. They like the hamper, especially when it is full of clothes the human has worn.

They give it five stars, because the clothes are nice to work into just the right spot. Then, they can sleep in the hamper with the human’s smell surrounding them. This is something that makes both Jacey and Koji happy.

Do you humans have any rooms that you think we felines should review? What do your felines think about the rooms in your home? Share your stories with us, because Jacey, Koji, and I all think it is fun to hear them!

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2 Replies to “Reviewing A Home Like Humans Review Restaurants”

  1. Kaspars my senior former feral mancat says one wonderful place he recommends kitties review, if they have one, is the garage. He has a perch by the garage window next to his heated bed that he has enjoyed sleeping in since he first showed up one winter day almost 14 years ago. We call it his ‘Bachelor Pad’ and while he does come indoors when he wants, he refuses to sleep inside, a product of his former feral lifestyle I am guessing.
    In his words:
    ‘A garage is a fun and endlessly interesting place to explore, especially if your Grandpaw is a hoarder like mine. There are boxes to hop about on, sleep on, attempt to open, rafters to climb up high to so your humans cannot reach you when it’s time to go to the humans in white coats, fascinating tools to watch Grandpaw use and sniff, work boots to chew on, once in a while a mousie to hunt and give to the humans to show them you care, a huge space to romp around and race in when you get the zoomies, and most of all- when you use the litter box and fling litter about, your Mom isn’t as upset about the garage floor being as messy as opposed to if you were to do the same in the house! MOL!!’
    Kaspars hopes you enjoyed reading his suggestions as much as we did yours.

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