Fleas on Felines

Furiends, one of the things that many humans think is that if their feline is indoor only, they cannot get fleas. Unfortunately, this is not true. Do not forget, you humans go outside, and sometimes, a flea will get on you! While they do not like you humans as much as they like us felines, they may come inside the home with you. And then when that flea gets on us, it can create problems.

For felines like me and Koji, who go on the balcony, there is another way fleas can get to us. Fleas can hop onto the balcony. And sometimes, the wind blows their eggs on our balcony. All it takes is one flea making its way up to our balcony to start an infestation!

This is something the human, Koji, and I learned the hard way. The human was concerned when he saw lots of black spots in the sink. Koji and I like to sleep in there, and he wondered what it could be from. Then he realized that it could be flea dirt!

After he realized that, he called the white coated humans to talk about it. He was confused, thinking that because we are indoor cats, we would not get fleas. But the white coated humans told him there were all sorts of ways they could arrive.

Koji and I Endured This To Get Rid of Fleas
Koji and I Endured This To Get Rid of Fleas

The human did not like this, and he asked the white coated humans for help. They told him to use a topical medication which kills fleas, and he brought that home. He treated us according to the directions. Koji and I did not like having this applied to us. We do like the results, however.

I hopped into the sink this morning and stayed there for a while. When I hopped out, there were far fewer black spots. That means the medication is working. And soon, hopefully, I will have no fleas.

So remember, kind humans, even indoor cats get fleas. If you see us itching a lot or bare spots in our fur, this can mean we have fleas. Make sure you treat us for this, because it can be very annoying!

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