Diabetic Cat Geoffrey Needs a Home

Because I am a diabetic cat, I watch what Diabetic Cats in Need does. And right now, I know they are looking for a home for a feline with diabetes. His name is Geoffrey, and he needs to find a home fast.

Diabetic Cat Geoffrey Needs a Home
Diabetic Cat Geoffrey Needs a Home

Poor Geoffrey is going through a lot right now. He likely is going to lose his human, because they are sick with a brain tumor. They cannot care for Geoffrey and a kind human is paying for a pet sitter to give him the insulin he needs. But this cannot continue for long, and we need to help Diabetic Cats in Need find Geoffrey a home.

Geoffrey is about ten years old, and he lives in a home with his half brother Spooky. They are in San Pablo, California. These two felines have never lived with any other animals. They are both very friendly, loving, and sweet. And they have impeccable litter box habits.

In addition to Geoffrey’s diabetes, he has other medical conditions. He had a couple of incidents of feline asthma, and has to use non-clay litter because of this. And, he has dealt with crystals in his urine before, so he has to be on a low ash diet.

These medical conditions mean that it will be more difficult to find a home for this diabetic cat. But he deserves one, and I hope that we can help him find one. If you can take Geoffrey and Spooky in, please contact his human’s friend, who is taking care of him. And if you cannot, please share his story so we can find him a home.

Another thing you can do to help diabetic cats like me is to contribute to Diabetic Cats in Need. Their Critical Care Fund can use some green paper things. Please become a contributor if you can!

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