June 18 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. First, I want to tell you about what is happening with Jacey.

The human brought Jacey home a few times this week. She told me she does not like being put in the carrier and then being taken in the metal box with wheels back and forth. But since it is a short ride, it is not so bad. Koji and her both told me it only takes about ten minutes. It feels like an eternity, but we can tolerate it.

When Jacey gets home, she hops out of the carrier, which the human puts in the bathroom. Then, she hops on top of the shower door. Jacey feels comfortable there, because it is up high and Koji cannot ambush her.

Koji will go into the bathroom to say hello, but he is respectful. He will give Jacey friendly meows the whole time, and he does not attempt to pounce on her. Jacey even tolerates it when he goes into the bathtub!

If the human hears Jacey getting annoyed, he will go into the bathroom to tell Koji to leave her alone. And Koji is good about this. The human says “Koji, go” and Koji leaves the bathroom. I think this is good news, furiends. Hopefully, soon, Jacey will not feel like she needs to be up high. If Koji does not bug her when that happens, then she will be able to stay!

Having my sisfur Jacey back all the time will probably be good for my blood sugar readings. I am not happy with them this week, furiends. For the week, they averaged 240, which is way higher than we want. It is dangerously close to the level where bad things start to happen if my blood sugar stays there.

I do not like this, furiends. But I know the human will work hard to get my blood sugar levels back where we want them.

I will let you know about them next week. And I will have more news on Jacey, too!

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