July 23 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, kind humans. The human tells me it has been a hectic few days around here. There was some convention in town where a lot of people dress up as comic book characters, and go to see other humans talk. And many of them decided to visit a house panther who looks like Batcat.

Furiends, I know the human was working hard because the talking box started talking sooner than it normally does. Right around the time I liked to hop on the bed by the human and purr, it went off. I did not have the chance to give the human purr therapy as much.

Koji worried that the human was leaving for a while. I told Koji not to worry, since he took Jacey with him. Every night, Jacey would come back with the human. I knew the human was tired because he would plop down on the couch. I would join him and so would Koji, and we helped him relax.

The Human Did a Lot of This Last Week

The human kept good track of my blood sugar readings even though he worked very hard over the past week. For the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 196. That is higher than what we saw the week before. Still, we do not mind these numbers too much. They are well below the level where complications can arise.

The human is more concerned about the hypoglycemic reading that we got. You see, while high blood sugar readings cause problems over time, low blood sugar readings can be dangerous immediately. And that is why we really have to watch them.

We will keep on working to keep my blood sugar levels where they belong. Even though the human was very tired, he stayed committed to making sure my blood sugar levels were okay. I think I will keep this human around. Is that a good idea, furiends?

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