July 30 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. First, I wanted to let you know what is going on with my sisfur Jacey and my brofur Koji. Jacey, you see, has been commuting with the human. She goes to work with him in the morning and comes home when he does at night.

Jacey Making Sure Koji Does Not Get Too Close to Her
Jacey Making Sure Koji Does Not Get Too Close to Her

Koji really wants to become furiends with Jacey. He will go into the bathroom, and he will roll over on the ground and show her his belly. He meows at her, trying to get her to like him. But she still remembers how he would play too roughly with her. And so she yells at him when he gets too close.

Koji is persistent, though. He keeps on trying to show Jacey that he can be furiends with her. Sometimes, he gets too close to her and the human has to step in to tell Koji to leave Jacey alone.

Furiends, I feel bad for both my sisfur and brofur. Koji does not want to hurt Jacey, and he just wants to be furiends. Jacey still remembers how he played with her too roughly and she does not like it. I hope the two of them will be able to sort it out.

Speaking of sorting things out, my blood sugar readings did a little of that this week. We didn’t see any really dangerous lows, but we did see a few readings that were higher than we want. Still, for the week, my blood sugar levels averaged 197, which is pretty much identical to last week’s 196.

These readings are a little higher than we like, but they are still low enough that the human is not worried about them. We will see if we can get them down a little lower over the next week. But if we cannot, it is okay. I will be okay with these readings.

And hopefully, soon, Jacey will be okay with Koji and all three of us can live happily together.

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