Demolition Stopped on Building With Many Cats

You humans know we felines are very good at finding places to hide. Sometimes, this gets us in trouble. That is what happened in a building being demolished in New York City.

You see, a former tenant of the building had a hoarding problem. And when they left the building, many of the felines found hiding spaces. Workers started to tear down the building, but then they found many felines. When neighbors and animal welfare organizations found out about this, they worked to save the cats and stop the demolition.

At first, the building owner hired a company to get the cats out of the building. But the company did things that upset the neighbors, so the building owner allowed the neighbors to help the felines themselves.

One of the groups that helped was A Tale of Two Kitties. They saw many cats and kittens running around through the partially gutted building. They worked hard to help the felines. So far, they estimate they have rescued about half of the 40 felines in the building.


And now, the City of New York has stepped in. Animal Care Centers of New York City, the city’s animal welfare unit, is working to get the remaining cats out of the building. They will work as long as it takes to remove the cats. “We are working with the manager of the property, who has promised us that no more work will be done until all the cats are out,” said one of their humans.

Furiends, it is sad that a hoarder was able to get 40 cats into such a tiny space. And it is sadder that nobody was able to help until the building was being demolished. But kind humans took over, and they saved these felines. That makes me happy, furiends!

I will be even happier when these felines find homes where they will be safe.

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