Famous Feline Not Sure Where He Will Go

Furiends, if you follow baseball, you know there is a feline who was on the field in St. Louis right before that baseball team did something to win the game. Now, the baseball team made statements that indicated they expected the cat to come live with them in their locker room.

Rally Cat Running Across the Field
Rally Cat Running Across the Field

But this is not true, furiends. The cat rescue group that took in the feline said no decision has been made about where the cat should go. “It was a disappointment to STLFCO and many of our friends and fans to read the Cardinal’s PR Head Ron Watermon’s comments to the media concerning Rally. It was a totally false statement that STLFCO has committed anything to the Cardinals. We have made no decisions about Rally’s long-term placement,” said the humans at St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach.

I am glad this cat rescue group is going to consider what is best for this feline. Many feral cats do not like being around humans. Putting a cat like that in a room with many humans would be bad. We also do not know whether this feline likes being inside or if they prefer to be outside.

Before this feline finds a home, all of these things need to be considered! I think the person at the baseball team who assumed the cat will go to them needs to receive some swats!

Fortunately for this feline, St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach will carefully consider things before they send it home. Hopefully, all the attention will make it easier to find a great home for this feline. And I hope that more humans learn about feral cats and how to help them because of it.

That, furiends, would be far better than just one famous feline finding a home!

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