August 20 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, furiends. The human tells me there is an eclipse coming, and that many of you humans will watch it. Jacey, Koji, and I will be inside, so we will not be able to. Even my fellow felines outside may not be able to see this. Today is starting off cloudy and that may not clear up in time for the eclipse.

You Need More Than This to Safely Watch The Eclipse
You Need More Than This to Safely Watch The Eclipse

Be careful, kind humans, if you decide to watch the eclipse. Your eyes are not as sensitive to light as feline eyes, but if you look at the sun without protection, it can damage your eyes badly. We do not want that to happen. How would you be able to read what I say if you hurt your eyes?

If you hurt your eyes, you will not be able to learn about my blood sugar readings. For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 190. This is lower than the 219 we saw last week, and it makes me and the human happy.

But we are a little concerned. You see, there were some days where my blood sugar levels were too low. They bounced right back when the human did not give me any insulin and I nommed a lot. But we do not like seeing those low blood sugar readings.

Those can be as dangerous to my health as looking at the sun is for your eyes. You see, if my blood sugar levels drop too low, I can get very sick very quickly. Fortunately for me, they bounced back very quickly. That made the human very relieved!

I will tell you about my blood sugar readings next Monday. Hopefully, we will see a good average without any very low readings. That will make me and the human very happy. And I hope it will make you happy, too!

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