August 27 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, furiends. I hope you enjoyed listening to Jacey talk to you. Jacey is in good spirits, furiends. She gets to spend a lot of time with the human, and many other humans enjoy talking to her. Koji still annoys her occasionally, but he does it less frequently now.

I am enjoying a morning sitting on the balcony, sniffing the fresh air. Koji and I are also investigating the plants the human has out on the balcony. But later, it will get very hot, and we will not be able to enjoy the balcony. We will have to stay inside, and the human will turn the air conditioning on so that it does not get too hot.

It's Too Hot for This Cat
It’s Too Hot for This Cat

The human is not sure about this, but he thinks that when things get hot, my blood sugar readings go up. It may be because I do not move around as much. Or it could be because the heat affects me in other ways. But it does not matter. I know the human will work hard to keep my blood sugar levels where they are safe.

And for the week that just ended, my blood sugar levels were good. They averaged 205. That is up a little from last week, when they averaged 190. But I am not worried about that.

One day, my blood sugar levels dropped lower than we wanted. Fortunately, I just nommed a lot and they recovered right away. We did not like the low reading, or the high readings that resulted from me not getting any insulin. But all in all, it was not too bad.

I will tell you all about how the heat wave we will see affects my blood sugar levels next week. Let’s hope I can stay cool and they will stay under control, too!

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