Anakin Has a New Sisfur

One of the felines who I am proud to call my furiend is Anakin. This feline was born without any hind legs. But he does not let this slow him down. He is nimble, and fast. When he was a tiny feline, despite having only two legs, he was able to escape the humans who tried to capture him so he could be helped a few times!

His human takes good care of Anakin, and now, there is a new feline in their home. Anakin’s human saw this tiny feline in the middle of the road, and knew they had to do something to help. They were able to capture the tiny feline. This poor tiny feline furiends, needed noms badly.

The tiny feline nommed on all of the cat food that Anakin’s human had with them. Anakin’s human took the feline to the white coated humans, and they learned the tiny feline was about ten weeks old. The poor feline only weighed 1.75 pounds, furiends! A healthy weight for a feline her age is three pounds.

Anakin Has a New Sisfur
Anakin Has a New Sisfur

Fortunately for this feline, Anakin’s human started to take care of her. The white coated humans gave her medicine, and she started to get better. She pooped out a large mass of dead worms. But then, she got diarrhea. The white coated humans changed her noms, and this seems to have taken care of the problem.

Anakin’s human has to go away for a few days. Since she may need care, the white coated humans will take her in. But when Anakin’s human gets back, this tiny feline will join him. ¬†And then, hopefully, Anakin and the tiny feline will have a good life together.

You may be wondering why I did not mention the name of this tiny feline. That is because Anakin’s human has not given her a name yet! I am not sure what kind of name she will get, but I am sure it will be a creative and fun one! But the most important thing, furiends, is that she will be given every chance to thrive.

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