September 3 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, furiends. The human told me that many of you are not working today because of Labor Day. I do not understand why on a day named for labor you humans do not engage in it. But I am all for you humans having a day to relax.

I always tell the human he works too hard, but then he tells me that if he did not, then I would not have any noms or insulin. Then I tell the human to work even harder because I do not want to go without my noms or insulin.

Koji is doing his best to keep things calm in this home. He is in the same room as Jacey right now. Both Jacey and Koji are relaxing. Last night, when Jacey came home, Koji went over to her and rubbed noses with her. And he did not chase her when she hopped into her favorite spot.

We are getting low on insulin, but it is not too bad. The human will get some more tomorrow. He ordered more, but because today is a holiday, he cannot get it today. He thinks he can get tonight’s dose and tomorrow mornings out of the vial. But then, it will be all gone. It is a good thing he can get more!

On to my blood sugar readings for the week. For the week, they did not change too much from last week. They averaged 197, which is down slightly from the 205 we saw the week before.  Both of these numbers are perfectly acceptable.

What the human does not like is how sometimes my blood sugar gets so low that we cannot give me any insulin. It happened once this week, which is no fun. It is not too bad, though. I nom a little and then my blood sugar goes back up.

Hopefully, furiends, I will have a better report for you next week. Until then, I hope you enjoy your week!

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