Tiny Feline and Human Save Each Other

We felines have many health benefits for you humans. Just petting us helps reduce your blood pressure and stress levels. But sometimes, we felines can be life savers.

A human who was suffering from mental challenges was ready to end his life. He wrote a letter on his computer, and went outside for what he thought was going to be a final beer and cigarette. He planned to take his life after finishing these.

But then, on a rainy night, he heard a tiny little meow coming from the bushes. He saw a black and white kitten. The kitten came out of the bushes and started rubbing against the human’s legs. The human broke down crying, It was like the kitten knew he needed to help the human.

The human decided that he needed to help the tiny feline. So instead of taking his life, he started to help the feline live his. Every day, the human would bring a can of tuna out so that the feline could eat. Soon, the feline was joined by others. This went on for a while, and the human always enjoyed watching his furiend, who he named Scout, and the other felines.

One day, when the human went out, he could not find Scout. He thought the worst had happened to his little life saver. Still, he continued to help the other felines.

Photo: Mutual Rescue -- Scout, the Tuxedo cat who saved Josh's life, was saved when Josh adopted him.
Scout Saved A Human’s Life — Courtesy of Mutual Rescue

And then the human decided that he was going to adopt a feline. He went to an adoption event. From one of the cages, a black and white paw reached out and grabbed his arm. It was Scout. The human did not wait any longer. He went right to the humans running the event and said he had to adopt Scout.

Now, Scout and his human live together in a home with other humans and other felines. But this never would have happened, furiends, if a tiny feline did not let out a meow in the rain to help a human in need.

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