Why Do Felines Knock Things Down

I am sure you humans have experienced this. You are at home, and you look at a feline in your home. They look back at you, and tap something that is on a table. Then they do it again and again until it falls down. We end up with an annoyed human, and a feline who is laughing.

Humans Wonder Why We Felines Do This
Humans Wonder Why We Felines Do This

You may think that we felines knock things down just to annoy you. But some smart humans have other theories about this. And there are many reasons why we might be knocking things down.

Some humans say that this is related to our prey drive. We learn by batting something around whether it is alive or not. Plus, we use our paws to test whether something is safe or not, and what better way to learn that than by tapping something? Our paws are very sensitive, so we learn a lot by touching things and moving them around.

We may also be trying to get you to pay attention to us. When we see you jump up to move something you do not want us to knock down, we learn we can get your attention by doing this. Then when we want your attention, we use this technique.

And sometimes, we felines are just having fun. You see, knocking something down simulates the entire hunting process. Moving something with our paw is like hunting. We tap something to get information about it. It moves around. And then, when it falls, it is like prey trying to escape.

Smart humans need to do more research before they can say for sure why we felines do this. But if you see us doing this, you can take the item away and play with us. If you play with us and let us channel our prey instinct into other things, you will pick up less broken things.

And that will be more fun for both the humans and felines in the home.

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