21 Pound Cat Surrendered To Shelter

Furiends, I am a big cat. I weigh 16 pounds. My sisfur Jacey is only nine pounds. And even Koji, who is a solid and large cat, weighs 13 pounds. So I am the biggest cat in the home. But even I am small compared to a feline who was recently surrendered to Humane Society of Carroll County, Maryland.

Edgar was surrendered when his human said they could no longer care for him. The humans at Humane Society of Carroll County learned later that Edgar was annoyed by the small humans in the home. Furiends, I do not mind small humans, but adult humans need to make sure they interact with us felines properly. Otherwise, the small humans may receive swats or bites and they deserve them!

The humans at the animal rescue facility could not believe their eyes when they saw Edgar. Edgar is so huge, furiends, that he makes even me look small. Edgar weighs 21 pounds, and he is not fat. He is just a big feline!

The humans at the shelter decided to share Edgar’s picture on social media. When they did this, thousands of people responded. Over 13,000 of them shared Edgar’s picture, and more than a million people saw it.

Soon, humans throughout the country asked about adopting Edgar. And two humans who lived nearby made the trip to see him. When they met Edgar, they grew even more impressed with him. They completed the paperwork to adopt Edgar and took him home.

21 Pound Cat Edgar
21 Pound Cat Edgar

“He really catches your eye,” said Edgar’s adopter. “He’s gorgeous.”

Edgar quickly settled into his new home. He dwarfs the other feline in the home, a black and white feline named Loki. And he enjoys playing with the canine in the home, a chihuahua named Thor. Furiends, I think that if the canine is Thor, Edgar is the Hulk!

All of the four legged family members enjoy each other’s company, and they have become good furiends. What a happy cat rescue story, furiends!

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