Feline Freed and Reunited With Owners

Furiends, sometimes, I think about how much fun it would be for me, Jacey, and Koji to wander around outside. The human does not allow us to do this. And sometimes, Jacey, Koji and I get annoyed by this. But then, when I hear about things like felines getting trapped and stuck for days, I do not feel so bad about being inside all the time.

A feline named Mahla lives with her humans on a boat. The boat had docked, and soon afterwards, Mahla went missing. Her humans did not know where she was, but they could hear her meowing around the dock.

At first, humans searching for Mahla looked around the bulkhead that separates the pier from the water. They had no luck. After one of Nahla’s humans walked the pier calling to her and heard her respond, they realized she was stuck in the pier itself.

Several humans started working to free Mahla right away. Some of them crawled on their hands and knees to locate her. Others unscrewed the wood on the pier to make it easier to see Mahla. They located Mahla, but she was scared. And so, she ran away, going further down the dock.

You see, Mahla was a feral cat before her humans brought her in. “She’s very skittish. She doesn’t like other people. It took six months before we could pet her after we adopted her,” said one of Mahla’s humans.

Mahla Reunited with Her Humans
Mahla Reunited with Her Humans

Eventually, the noise the humans removing the planks made caused Mahla to run towards her humans. They quickly scooped her up and brought her back to the boat. They wrapped her in a blanket and gave her lots of noms.

Mahla’s humans are very happy she is safe with them. And Mahla, just like us felines do, is a little less than impressed by all the fuss. She was annoyed at her humans for not finding her more quickly. But, she did give them a little sandpaper kiss to show her gratitude. It will have to do!

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