Why Do Felines Bite Human Toes?

Last night, the human was lying in bed, getting ready to sleep. He was nice and comfortable, relaxing before he fell asleep. And then, Koji decided to pounce on his toes, which jolted the human out of his relaxed state.

Koji When He is Not Biting The Human's Toes
Koji When He Is Not Biting The Human’s Toes

Koji did not bite the human hard enough to do anything but startle him. The human told Koji he did not appreciate getting his toes bitten. Then, he relaxed again and fell asleep. He stayed asleep when we felines opened one of the kitchen drawers and turned some of the things in there into toys!

Now, you might be thinking, Bagheera, the feline I share my house with does this to me, too. Why do you felines do this?

A white coated human says we do this because of our prey instinct. We see your toes, and they are hidden. We pounce on them, because our prey instinct takes over. Then, we let go because the rest of our brain tells us you are not noms. But we enjoy it, and since we do not hurt you too badly, we will do it again.

Do not forget, furiends, that we felines also like getting you attention. We can do it with meows, with paw taps, or, if you are like Koji, by biting our human’s toes! We do not mean to hurt you, and we know that you are not noms.

So furiends, now you understand why we felines like to bite your toes. We are not doing it to be mean to you. We think it is a game. And it all goes back to our prey instinct. Without this prey instinct, we felines would not have survived in the wild. And you humans would not have brought us around to catch rodents. So enjoy the little nip that we give you when we pounce on your toes!

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