December 10 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, kind humans. I am sorry the catputer was being difficult yesterday. It annoyed the human when this happened. I told him I would give the catputer some swats and that it would start to behave better. It seems to have worked!

A fire truck passes through a neighborhood burned down by the Lilac Fire at R...
A Firefighter Looks at Burned Down Neighborhood

Before I tell you about my blood sugar readings, I wanted to let you know about the wildfire that displaced many humans and animals near me. I have good news, furiends. All of the evacuation orders have been lifted. And the fire is now 60 percent contained. Firefighters still have work to do, but they have managed to mostly contain the fire to areas where no humans live. I am glad firefighters gained the upper hand on this blaze, furiends.

Now, on to my blood sugar readings for the week. For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 198, which is pretty much the same as the week before. That week, they averaged 202. The human and I both like blood sugar readings at this level. You see, they are not so low that I risk complications from hypoglycemia. But they are also not so high that I risk getting sick from too much sugar in my blood.

You probably saw that three blood tests are missing from this week’s chart. That is because the human went away for a day and a half. I did not mind it so much, because another nice human came in to feed me and Koji. But Koji was nervous. I do not blame him. He has been in many homes. So when the human does not come back at night, Koji gets nervous.

But I reassured Koji the human would be back. And the human who came to take care of us played with us a lot. We enjoyed it, and it helped Koji feel better.

Both of us felines greeted the human right when he walked in the door. Koji acted like a puppy cat for a while. It was very cute, and made me and the human laugh. And Koji did not mind, because the human came back!

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