Tiny Feline Finds Unusual Mother

Furiends, do not listen to those who say that we felines cannot get along with canines. Oh, sure, sometimes, canines annoy us with their sloppy wet tongues. And they do not understand when we tell them to leave us alone, which means we have to give them a swat. But once canines learn how to interact with us better, they can become very good furiends with us.

A kind human was driving home from work when they saw other humans looking at a tiny feline. These humans looked worried, so the driver stopped to see if they could help. When they learned the other humans were looking for the tiny feline’s mother, they joined in.

Sadly, the humans could not find the tiny feline’s mother. So they decided that the human who stopped would take the tiny feline home. The plan was to take the tiny feline to a cat rescue group in the morning.

But the tiny feline, who is named Crenshaw, had other plans. Crenshaw started investigating the home, and under very close supervision, interacted with the canines in the home. And the canines decided they wanted to be furiends with Crenshaw.

Before this could happen, Crenshaw needed to go to the humans in white coats. After this happened, Crenshaw went back to her home and the canines became very good furiends with her. One of the canines gave Crenshaw a bath with their sloppy wet tongue. Crenshaw is nicer than me, because I would have given that canine a swat!

And Crenshaw became furiends with the other canine in the home as well as a feline who lived there. I am sure Crenshaw is very happy to live in a home where she is safe instead of the streets. And the canines and other feline in the home love her as well. Furiends, all of this happened because a kind human stopped to help!

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