Evil Humans Try To Burn Cat Rescue

There are many humans who do not like us felines. And I do not mind this, although many of them are foolish and believe things that are not true about us. That is okay, because most of these humans do not do anything to bother us. They simply leave us alone. But then there are evil humans who attempt to cause harm to us.

Evil humans tried to burn down a cat rescue located in Pasco, Florida recently. Fortunately, they failed. And they were caught on a surveillance video setting two cars on fire in order to try to burn down the building.

In addition to the cats, many humans were inside the Tampa Bay Cat Alliance when evil humans tried to burn down the building. Of course, these humans were scared by the attempted arson. They worry that the evil humans will come back and try again. And they do not know why anyone would want to hurt them or the felines they care for.

Two Felines At Tampa Bay Cat Alliance
Two Felines At Tampa Bay Cat Alliance

Arson investigators and police are searching for the humans who tried to light the cat rescue on fire. In the meantime, Tampa Bay Cat Alliance will continue to do its work to help felines.

That work became much more difficult, though. To repair the damages the fire caused, they will have to spend many green paper things. And sadly, the cost of this puts the ability of the cat rescue to continue operations in jeopardy. One of the humans at the facility said they are “real close to shutting down” because of the attempted arson.

Furiends, I hope this does not happen. Many of the felines at the cat rescue lived through tough conditions before they arrived. They deserve better, and so do the humans at the facility. I hope they can repair the damages and be better than ever!

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