Failed Rescue Puts Feline in Danger

Furiends, I am glad that humans try to help felines who are in trouble. But humans who do not know what they are doing may create even more risk for us felines. Please do not attempt to help us if you are not sure you can.

Why am I telling you this? Because a human in Reno did this, and a feline ended up going into a river with near freezing water.

This all started when staff from a health clinic saw a feline stuck in a tree. The tree is located on a small island in the Truckee River. And because the tree is dead, it is not a good place for a feline to be.

These humans called all of the local authorities, including the fire department. But firefighters decided that because rescuing the feline would put their lives at risk, they would not send firefighters into the river.

A Failed Rescue Attempt Put This Cat in Danger
A Failed Rescue Attempt Put This Cat in Danger

A misguided human decided they would help the feline. Clothed in only sweatpants and a t-shirt, this human waded through the river to the small island. Then they climbed the tree, and attempted to shoo the feline into a backpack. This was a very bad idea, furiends. No feline is going to want to go into a backpack held by a stranger!

This rescue attempt failed, and caused the feline to fall into the river. Fortunately for this feline, they scrambled out of the river and onto another island nearby.

Firefighters arrived on the scene after this, and they checked for both the feline and the human who attempted the rescue. They could not find either. Animal control placed a trap on the island where the feline landed. They will check on the trap, which can be seen from the shore of the river. And if they catch the feline, they will quickly go and help.

I hope this feline gets help soon, furiends!

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