February 4 Blood Sugar Readings

Furiends, I hope that you enjoyed your weekend! I especially hope that you had fun watching my good furiend Anakin and his brofur Mika in the Kitten Bowl! Their story is a very happy one, don’t you think?

The human tells me there was another game that took place yesterday, but I do not think that the humans involved in that game are as cute or inspiring as Anakin’s and Mika’s story. He did not get a chance to watch that game because he was busy taking care of felines. Then he made sure that other humans had fun during a cats on mats session!

A Feline Observing a Human Doing Yoga
A Feline Observing a Human Doing Yoga

And we felines are very good at showing humans how to do yoga properly. After all, even the least flexible feline routinely gets in poses that make even the best yogi amazed!

Now on to my blood sugar readings. You remember that we were very happy when they dropped below 200 last week. This week, they climbed above that number, but only slightly. My blood sugar levels averaged 201 last week. This is not a bad level, furiends, but it means that the human will have to keep a closer eye on things this week.

The human will definitely work hard this week to make sure my blood sugar levels stay where they should. He does not like it when they get too high. The human knows that if my blood sugar levels stay too high for too long, it can be very bad for me. I reassure him and let him know that I will help him as best I can. But I also remind him that I am the one who is enduring injections and ear sticks!

I will let you know about my blood sugar readings for the week next Monday. Hopefully I will be bringing good news to you! Enjoy your week, my furiends!

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