Feline with Asthma Finds Furever Home

We felines can get many of the same diseases that you humans can. I am a perfect example of this. Humans get diabetes, and felines can, too. And I even get the same insulin that humans get in order to control my blood sugar levels, which I will tell you about tomorrow.

Another disease we felines get that you humans are familiar with is asthma. Just like with humans, sometimes it is so bad we need an inhaler to handle it. And my fellow special needs cat Alma can tell you about this.

Alma was abandoned on the streets of London. She was fending for herself when kind humans found her and took her to the white coated humans. The white coated humans saw she had lung issues.

“We discovered that Alma had scarring on her lungs, the legacy of a particularly nasty bout of cat flu that she was suffering from when rescued. This caused her persistent bouts of coughing and we later diagnosed her with feline asthma,” said one of the white coated humans.

Alma Using Her Inhaler
Alma Using Her Inhaler

The white coated humans taught Alma how to use an inhaler, and her health improved. Now all they needed was a kind human to take her home. And soon, Alma found one.

“I’d never met a cat with asthma before. I didn’t even know a cat could get asthma, let alone use an inhaler like a pro,” said the human who adopted Alma. But the white coated humans who diagnosed Alma showed her how to treat feline asthma. And this kind human decided to take Alma home.

Now, Alma is happy with her human. Like me, she requires treatment twice a day. And she has gotten used to it, so she does not fuss with her human when she wears her inhaler. She is like me and insulin shots, furiends.

Alma is another example of a special needs cat showing that we do need extra care, but for the right human, we are great additions to the family!

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