Human Stays With Cats Despite Flood

There are parts of the country having the opposite problem we are having here. We do not have enough rain, and we have entered a drought. So Jacey, Koji and I do not complain too much when it starts to rain. I remind them that rain is better than snow, and one of these days, I will get them to believe that it actually falls. They have never seen it!

But near Cincinnati, they are getting too much rain. Weather experts said the Ohio River would reach levels not seen in two decades. And that threatened the facilities for the Cozy Corner Kitten Rescue. But the human running the cat rescue group refused to move.

The Felines at Cozy Corner Kitten Rescue are Safe
The Felines at Cozy Corner Kitten Rescue are Safe

“I’m about saving these cats. We take in unwanted cats, strays, pregnant cats, injured. I’m here to save these cats,” said the human behind the cat rescue.

Because this kind human did not have time to evacuate the nearly 80 cats who were at the facility, they decided to ride the flood out. They said they felt better staying with the felines they care for, and helping them stay safe. And that is what happened.

The water reached the corner of the building, but no further. Water made its way into the basement, and the kind human had to turn off the power. But they did  not suffer major damage. And the felines were safe.

Water is starting to recede from the area, and it left behind marks on the concrete to show how high it got. But it did not flood the facility, and the human running Cozy Corner Kitten Rescue says they would do it again. They said it was a trying “experience” but they are glad they did it.

I am glad that all of the felines in the facility as well as the human are safe!

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