Japanese Show Features Samurai and Feline

Furiends, I learned about a Japanese show featuring a samurai and a feline. It is not a surprise at all that the Japanese would create a show about felines. After all, they are the country where there are many cat islands. And we cannot forget they are the creators of Neko Atsume!

This show plays on a classic story. I am sure you know of many movies where an assassin decides they cannot kill the target. But this is the first time where the target is a feline!

This Samurai Saves a Feline
This Samurai Saves a Feline

The show is called Neko Zamurai, which translates into Samurai Cat. Running for two seasons, this show featured a samurai named Madarame Kyutaro. This samurai, also known as Madara the Devil, was having a hard time finding work. That is why he took on an unusual assignment.

Kyutaro was told to kill a cat accused of stealing a man’s soul. He set out to complete his job, but then when he saw the feline, he decided he could not kill the cat. Instead, Kyutaro decided to adopt the feline and take him home. Tomanojo, the feline, was very happy about this.

The series follows the adventures of Kyutaro and Tomanojo. And you can tell that Kyutaro is a brave samurai, because he gives Tomanojo a bath. Furiends, I do not have to tell you that if the human tried this with me, he would be bleeding as if a samurai took a katana to him!

But the scene where Tomanojo gets a bath is cute. To keep Tomanojo from getting angry, his samurai sings to him!

I do not speak Japanese and the human  does not either. That means we cannot enjoy the show as much as we would like. But we both like the idea of a samurai caring for a feline. And Jacey and Koji, who has a name that would fit a fierce samurai, agree.

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