April 15 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, furiends. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. The human tells me that many of your humans had to work on something called taxes over the weekend. I hope it was not to difficult to you. And if you have felines, hopefully, they helped you when they came over to sit on the catputer or your papers.

A Cat Helping With Taxes

That is just what we felines love to do, after all. Help our humans! We enjoy helping you humans with lots of things. Sometimes, you do not want our help. But we give it to you anyway!

But enough about taxes. On to my blood sugar readings. For the week, the average was good. My blood sugar readings averaged 171, which is a little lower than the 192 we saw last week. Even the 192 we saw is still below the 200 level the human likes to stay below.

The problem is that there were too many times where my blood sugar readings were very low. When that happened, the human did not give me any insulin. And since I nommed a lot because I was very hungry, it did not harm me. But the human did not like this.

He talked to the humans in white coats about this. They said that they wanted to adjust the insulin dose down. And that is what the human is going to do. He will drop the insulin dose by half a unit and we will see how that works. Hopefully, I will still get good blood sugar readings, but we will not have any where they are so low that the human gets scared.

Sometimes, my diabetes does not make things easy for the human. But he still works hard to make sure I feel okay. And I will remind him that if he does not, diabetic or not, I can still swat him!

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