Meet Diabetic Cat Moe

Diabetic Cats in Need told me about a diabetic cat who is living in a shelter in Thunder Bay, Ontario. The kind humans taking care of him are looking for a foster home. They think he will do better there than in the shelter. Hopefully, when this feline goes a foster or furever home, he does not have to deal with the white watery things that fall from the sky!

Diabetic Cat Moe Is Looking for a Home
Diabetic Cat Moe Is Looking for a Home

This feline’s name is Moe. The kind humans at Thunder Bay and District Humane Society worked with white coated humans to get Moe’s diabetes under control. Like me, Moe gets two insulin shots a day. He gets less insulin than I do, which means the vial of insulin will last longer. And Moe is not dealing with any complications from diabetes.

Moe also is a good feline who endures his insulin injections without fussing. The human gives me my shots when I am nomming. I suspect the humans caring for Moe do the same thing.

Moe is not the most social cat, and he doesn’t hop in laps like Jacey, Koji, and I do. But he does interact with humans he likes in other ways. He loves to play with wand toys, and getting him to do this will help keep his diabetes under control. He also likes playing with boxes, catnip, and plastic bags. Be careful to supervise Moe when he is playing with plastic bags because we do not want him to nom on the bag!

And Moe likes to get head scratches from humans he likes. If he likes you, he will follow you around to see what you are up to. Moe knows how to demand attention from his humans, too. He will tap you with his paws if he really wants you to pay attention to him.

Do you have room in your home to foster or adopt this kind diabetic cat? If you do, please contact Thunder Bay and District Humane Society. And if you cannot, please share Moe’s story so he can find a foster or furever home.

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