June 3 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, furiends. Did you know that today is Hug Your Cat Day? Make sure your feline wants to be hugged before you do this. Many felines do not like being held or hugged. And if you attempt to hug a feline who does not want to be, you may end up getting swatted and bitten!

As a feline expert said in an interview, “Some like physical contact and others hate the feeling of entrapment and not being in control. There‚Äôs a high percentage of cats that do not like being picked up and we are learning it is more common than we thought.”

Today Is Hug Your Cat Day
Today Is Hug Your Cat Day

And humans who want to hug their felines need to judge the feline’s mood. Sometimes, I am in the mood to be held by the human. Other times, I am not. Koji is the same way. Jacey, on the other hand, hates it when the human holds her. So, if the human tried to hug her, he would end up with scratches! And Jacey is a nice cat. If even a nice cat like Jacey would get mad, think about what a feisty one would do.

Now, on to my blood sugar readings. They were very good this week, furiends. They averaged 125. Last week, they averaged 143. Both readings are very good. If a white coated human saw these readings and did not know I am diabetic, they would think I did not need insulin!

I am glad that my blood sugar levels are behaving. And I am also glad the human works so hard to make sure they stay under control. I suppose I will let him give me a hug today for all of his efforts.

But not for too long! If he holds me too long, I will have to swat him! After all, I need to keep the human on his toes!


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