Human Charged With Murder For Defending Feline

Furiends, you know that I do not like animal abusers. We need to stop these evil humans. And while you would never say, well, it’s an animal, not a human, there are some humans who say that. To them, I say there is clear evidence that animal abusers often start to commit violent acts against humans.

I tell the human that we felines and canines should be allows to bite and scratch any human who abuses animals. He tells me this is not allowed. Instead, they get put in a cage and pay many green paper instead. I can accept this, but I still think they should receive many swats and bites!

This Woman Shot Her Cat Abusing Husband
This Woman Shot Her Cat Abusing Husband

One woman went way too far for even me, though. She shot her husband, who was abusive towards her feline. The evil animal abuser’s attacks drove the feline to run away.

The woman was frantic, and posted lost cat signs around the neighborhood. A kind neighbor found the feline, and returned the cat to the home. The evil husband immediately started to abuse the poor feline again.

Finally, this woman had enough. She shot her husband in order to keep him from abusing the cat. The evil animal abuser died on the way to the hospital, so the humans in badges had no choice. They charged the woman with murder.

I do not believe that shooting an animal abuser, although satisfying, is the right thing to do. Instead, this woman should have taken the feline and left the evil animal abuser. Then the feline would have been safe, and she would have escaped her marriage with an evil person.

After that, she should have reported the animal abuse to the humans with badges. They could have put that evil human in a cage. That, furiends, would have been the best outcome.


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