Say Hello to Floyd at Tenth Life

Tenth Life is a long way away from me. The human tells me that when we traveled on the metal tube from Maryland to San Diego, we probably flew near St. Louis, where Tenth Life is based. But even from far away, their work impresses me. My good furiend Lincoln is a Tenth Life alumnus.

Because of the good work they do, I like to share stories about felines they are helping. Today, I will introduce you to Floyd.

Floyd From Tenth Life Wants a Home
Floyd From Tenth Life Wants a Home

Floyd is an older feline who escaped his life on the streets and found his way to Tenth Life. He likes to spend his days lounging in his bed, and watching the world go by through the windows at Tenth Life. But do not think he misses living outside. He likes being inside a lot better, furiends!

If you look at Floyd’s head, you can see that his head is longer than most felines. On top of that, his eyes are more deeply sunk that a lot of us. Because of this, Floyd does not see as well as most felines. And that means he startles more easily than most felines. He also is sometimes scared of other felines.

Because of this, Floyd would likely do better in a home where there are no other felines or the other felines in the home are calm. He cannot go to a home where there is a feline like Koji running around! Even felines a little more calm than Koji would not be a good match for Floyd.

This kind and calm older feline deserves a home of his own. He is happy with Tenth Life, but we all know nothing beats a furever home. Can you give Floyd that home? If you can, please contact Tenth Life. And if you cannot, please share Floyd’s story so that someone else can.

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