Frozen Tiny Felines Grow Up to Be Feisty Cats

Adult felines are pretty adaptable creatures. We can endure a lot, and we can usually find a way to get out of trouble. But tiny felines are very vulnerable. And when a tiny feline is only days old, they are practically helpless without their mother. After hearing that a litter of tiny felines were freezing in a bush, a kind human rushed over to help.

They did not even wait to go to the white coated humans. Instead, they immediately warmed up the tiny felines with the vents in their car. Then these kind humans took the tiny felines home. They bottle fed the tiny felines, but one of them, Bagel, stopped responding to the bottle.

The human rescuer got very worried. They thought that Bagel might not make it. After switching to tube feeding, they tried getting Bagel to eat from a bottle at every feeding session. Finally, one day, she nommed from the bottle.

Furiends, when Bagel finally nommed from the bottle, her human rescuer was very happy. And then they started to celebrate every milestone the tiny felines reached. When they started grooming each other, they celebrated. Eating solid food? That was a reason to celebrate. And the tiny felines, after given a chance to thrive, started to show off their personalities.

One of the tiny felines is named Spud. He’s the feisty feline in the group. Pancake has become a little lap kitten.

As for Bagel, she is the most fearless. She jumped over the baby gate the human rescuer was using to keep her in a secured place. And she loved being held by her foster human.

Yes, I said foster human. You see, this kind human takes in felines, helps them grow strong, and then sends them to good homes. They admit that it is hard to let these felines go. But they also know that when they do this, they can help other felines.

Furiends, I know many of you say that you cannot bear giving up a feline you have grown to love and that is why you do not foster. But if there is room in your home to try, please do. You see, if this foster human did not take in Bagel, Pancake, and Spud, they never would have had a chance to thrive.

Please consider giving other felines a chance to thrive by fostering!

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