Help Diabetic Cats in Need

Furiends, Diabetic Cats in Need helps many felines. I have shared stories of felines they are helping find homes. And in addition to these things, they help humans who are dealing with diabetic cats for the first time.

One of the felines Diabetic Cats in Need has helped is Ms. Kitty. She had a tough life. She used to live on the street. Fortunately for her, a kind human took her in and gave her the care she needed. But Ms. Kitty still went through some tough times. She developed diabetic ketoacidosis, which can be deadly. Ms. Kitty recovered from this, but then after three years, she developed it again. And then she had to fight off pancreatitis. Plus, she went blind.

All through her battles, Diabetic Cats in Need helped. Furiends, without their resources, Ms. Kitty would have left us. Her human is simply not able to come up with enough green paper things to pay the white coated humans.

Help Diabetic Cats in Need with Ms. Kitty

And Ms. Kitty is just one of the hundreds of felines who have been helped by Diabetic Cats in Need. Now, they are asking for our help. They need many green paper things to continue the good work they do. And they are asking us to help provide some.

The human already gave some green paper things to Diabetic Cats in Need. I am sharing their fundraiser because I want others to help. Please send green paper things to them if you can. And if you cannot, I understand. But you can share their request, and that will help.

The human and I talked about this, and I made him promise to donate an additional $5 for every contribution that comes through this blog post, up to $150. So if only 30 of you seeing this give green paper things to Diabetic Cats in Need, the human will give the full amount.

Can we make the human give away more green paper things to Diabetic Cats in Need? Let’s find out, furiends! Please give today and let them know Bagheera sent you.

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